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Business and marketing advice for creating a healthcare practice you love.

Jumpstart your practice

Grow referrals

Love what you do

They didn't teach Management

and in medical school.

And yet you're supposed to know how to launch and grow a thriving medical practice. How are you supposed to focus on patients when you're overwhelmed with the day to day?

Enter Your Marketing RX. Let me teach you how to effectively market and grow your practice so you can keep your focus on medicine.

Love your work.
Get rewarded for it.


Fast-Track Success
With my proven playbook, we'll quickly get you on the right path to a successful medical practice. Together, we'll build buzz around you and grow your referrals.


Feel Empowered
When I'm on your side as your coach or practice consultant, you'll have what you need to make great decisions for your practice and your future. No more struggling on your own.


Gain Control
When done right, your medical practice can reward you financially, as well as give you more time for the people and pastimes you love.

Leslie Seligman working with physician
Leslie Seligman providing physician coaching services

The secret sauce to creating and growing a healthcare practice you'll love.

I understand how disheartening it can be leaving your training and being thrust into business ownership. I believe healthcare CAN be fun, and you deserve someone who can help you make your medical practice work for you, which is why I have spent the last decade helping many physicians just like you navigate the business of medicine.

  • Expertise in building and growing a practice, referral generation, physician liaison, branding and all aspects of marketing
  • Unmatched network of partners and vendors to support you in accomplishing your goals

Ready to have someone in your corner?

Here’s how to get started:

Step 1:

Book a quick free consultation so I can determine the right path for you.

Step 2:

From there, I'll direct you to the best option based on what you're trying to accomplish. I offer services like consulting, 1:1 physician coaching, mastermind groups, and more.

Step 3:

Finally, you'll get the knowledge and support you need to propel your career forward with the tools and know-how to make great decisions for your business.

Quotation Mark

Doctors are taught medicine, not business and marketing.

However, you’re expected to start and grow a medical practice without any training or support. I will help you bypass figuring out the business of medicine all on your own, and instead give you a proven playbook so you can jumpstart a rewarding career that you love.

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